Gabriela Moreno Pro Designs (GMPD)

Gabriela Moreno Pro Designs (GMPD) is a sole proprietor business that is ready to make a big splash within the swimwear industry. GMPD will offer chic, comfortable, high-quality swimwear to middle-aged women in both Montreal and internationally. GMPD has created a product line that provides fashionable swimwear made out of , a premium 100% polyester microfibre. In addition to using this exciting new fabric, with its many desirable qualities, our swimwear also incorporates boning material—a series of thin and ridged strips of flexible plastic that help add support—to ensure that our products fit perfectly, giving clients the support they are looking for to enhance their silhouette, stylishly. GMPD swimwear is bound to be successful because our products not only fit like a second skin, but they look great as well.
The key idea associated with the GMPD swimwear line is that we offer middle-aged women from Montreal (and around the world) stylish yet comfortable, upscale swimwear that uses new materials and technology to ensure that they—no matter what their body type is—look their best both in and out of the water.
The target market we will be focusing on is middle-aged women, roughly 20 to 50 years of age. Our upscale, technologically advanced designs will use chloroban, in part, because it offers UV protection, which is a key selling point in this era of increased awareness regarding the hazards of getting too much sun. The technology behind the fabrication of a swimsuit is most intricate.  The fabrics we are using have UV protection. The best UV swimwear use fabric that is rated “UPF50+”. UPF50+ stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which indicates how many UV rays pass through the material for example, a fabric with a UPF of 50 indicates that one fiftieth of the sun’s rays will pass through the swimsuit. With the latest skin cancer scares associated with sun exposure, the UPF has become an important element when selecting a swimsuit.
In addition to using this revolutionary new fabric, the swimsuits incorporate the boning material that, as when it is inserted into a dress or brasserie, helps provide the shape of a corset while in a much more comfortable manner. Our line of swimwear will consist of three different one-piece swimsuits as well as three two-piece or bikini options, and the latter suits will be perfect for clients who might like to mix and match tops and bottoms. The suits will each be available in a range of five popular colours and five sizes:  Xs, S, M, L, XL.

Our  bathing  suits are made in Canada by our local Quebec subcontractor can make the product for a competitive price MSRP in relatively small batches. TWe expect to launch our website—which will allow us to sell internationally—in May 2013, and we will place our product in select Montreal retail fashion stores at this time as well. We have a very well organized business plan to follow, which defines all the necessary steps we are required to take in order to ensure success. gabrielamoreno.net