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We’re a ground-breaking Canadian company Years of research & fit perfection, our aims our products are all made in Canada with the highest quality standards & Nanotechnology materials carefully & meticulously designed to make you feel at your best & most important to enhance the accents of your silhouette.

Our claims are based on different feedbacks, for instance we had gotten a deal at Dragon’s Den Season 9 Episode 7, Shark Tank the American version in 2014 and won Canadian government grants due to our products selling points: technologically design, durability, fit, price point & proudly Canadian made women’s company.


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Be a part of this movement of empower women!

In addition to using this exciting new fabric, with its many desirable qualities, our swimwear guarantee a perfect fit, providing our clients the support and shape they are looking for to enhance their silhouette, stylishly and this, as a result, will have a positive impact on their image of themselves as well.


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