Couture Collection3





GMPD has designed chic swimwear, the main factors that stands out from the competition are:


  • Nanotechnology fabric—a specialized material —lies somewhere between a wet suit and a bathing suit material.
  •  Fast-drying, super soft texture.
  • Offers UV protection “UPF50+”.
  •  Chlorine resistant, salt water resistant.
  • Guarantees optimal breath ability.
  • Super long-lasting, Strain and Oil resistant.
  • Excellent shape retention power and high color fastness.
  • Resistant fabric taking swimwear to higher level of fabric performance.


  •  Perfect fit, giving the incredible support and shape to enhance their silhouette, from the petite women to the tall women, and all body shapes, our production is not a mass production.


  • Practical advice on the hang tag to help our client choosing according to their body figure.

Most women have a difficult time finding a swimsuit that fits because they do not know what their body type is. We offer women a variety of silhouettes and practical advice so that they can figure out if they have a triangle, rectangle , inverted triangle or hourglass shape, to advise them better choose a bikini or swimsuit that fits.



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