We’re a ground-breaking Canadian  company with years of research & fit perfection, our products are all Made in Canada  with the highest quality standards &  Nanotechnology  materials carefully & meticulously designed to make you feel your best & most important to hide your flaws and enhance your attributes.


Our claims are based on different feedbacks, for instance we had gotten a deal at Dragon’s Den Canada, Season 9 Episode 7, due to our products selling points: technologically design, durability, fit, price point & proudly Canadian made   Women’s company.




Gabriela Moreno Pro Design offers fashionable swimwear that uses nanotechnology and boning to ensure a perfect fit, we will give women the incredible support and shape they’re looking for to flatter their silhouette, and this, as a result, will have a positive impact on their image of themselves as well.



Most women have a difficult time finding a swimsuit that fits because they do not know what their body type is.

We offer women a variety of silhouettes and practical advice on the website (header navigator) & the Hang tag so that they can assess if they have a triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle or hourglass shape, to help them better choose a bikini or swimsuit that fits.

Gabriela has learned that many women are frustrated, because the majority of swimsuit designs are aimed at tall women rather than petite women. She has learned that it is difficult to find a swimsuit that fits if one’s body type lies outside the supposedly “normal” body shape of models.

Empowering yourself is knowing your silhouette & you will look phenomenal.