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GMPD is a female-owned and operated women’s swimwear brand headquartered in Canada. We create classic, timeless, and modern silhouettes using Nanotechnology materials that flatter different shapes and sizes. All of our swimsuits are handmade in Montreal by our women-led team




We’re giving women the support, high-quality materials, and fit they expect from their swimwear. Our goal is simple. We want to help make shopping for swimsuits easy, fun, and a positive experience. Using our “body shape guide,” shoppers can assess whether they have a triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle, or hourglass shape to help them pick out swim styles that flatter their body type. After years of research, prototypes, and analysis, our brand recognized our passion for creating durable, well-designed, Canadian-made swimwear,  we’re continuing to work hard to produce swimwear collections that are feminine, well-crafted, functional, and of course, well-fitted.

Do we look Familiar ?

 You may caught us on Dragons Den!  Our Founder, Gabriela Moreno was featured on the show.

Season 9 Episode 7 


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How Does It Work?
It’s all about the fit! We’re making it simple to find the most flattering swimsuit styles for your body. At GMPD, we understand that all bodies are unique & beautiful. It’s our mission to create swimwear for women that lets different body styles and individuality shine through! We’ve curated a collection of bikinis and one-piece swimwear that will flatter your shape. 


Gabriela Moreno here, founder of GMPD. I get it; there’s nothing like trying on dozens of swimsuits without success to dampen your mood. It was essential for me to design women’s swimwear that sparks confidence, empowerment, and spirit for the wearer.

I obsess about fit and never overlook a single detail because I believe perfectly fitting swimsuits can give women the courage to radiate on the outside who they are on the inside. I understand how difficult it is to find a swimsuit that fits flawlessly. Women’s swimwear brands often focus on one body type. But, there’s no “normal” shape or size. My swimwear is meticulously designed to make you feel your best and enhance your attributes.


YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Let the rest of the world know it.