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For most women including me, it can be difficult and frustrating to try swimsuits.   Let’s not forget, you are almost half naked so you better look and feel your best. In our society as women we tend to judge ourselves and be really hard on our bodies. We focus on our flaws and never celebrate our bodies for what they do for us every day and focus on what is important – being healthy. As the summer arrives and the vacation season is around the corner, our search begins for a new swimsuit.



Let me tell you something that is really fascinating, the majority of women don’t know what is their body shape is, and that is the most IMPORTANT!   I studied Fashion Design and as a student and most of my classmates we didn’t know what was our body type, which is really shocking and believe me it is magic when you really know your body shape. As I like to say; “by knowing your body type, you can enhance your attributes & look phenomenal“



On this picture we have the same model, by knowing our body shape and selecting the right swimsuit, it could be a game changer.




Body shape:   

A lot of people tend to tell me “oh, I am just fat”. Fat has nothing to do with bone structure and the way we are built.

Here on Gabriela Moreno Pro Design website, we give you silhouettes and a description to be able to identify what is your body shape.