1.- Canadian Immigrant Magazine

Our Publication’s Mission and Values

The mission of Canadian Immigrant is to be the world’s number one online and print resource for Canadian immigrants by helping them to settle in Canada successfully as they move through their immigrant journey. Our publication strives to appeal to all immigrants regardless of their ethnicity, sharing knowledge and providing inspiration in a positive manner. Our content is comprised of success stories of immigrants who have faced adversity and triumphed. Our hope is these stories will inspire you in your own journey.


2.- Canadian Visa

5 Immigrant Entrepreneurs that made it in Canada

Canada’s premier web site dedicated to news and views about the one-fifth of Canadians who are immigrants. You’ll find original journalism from an immigrant perspective along with content produced by our partners in Canada’s ethnic media. Our content provides fresh insights into developments in politics and society, enhancing your understanding of our diverse world.We are proudly pioneering a new pan-Canadian form of immigrant journalism in tune with the country’s changing demographics, while building bridges between its various solitudes